Project Plan: Car crash film

For my cross disciplinary i am currently working on an interesting film involving a car crash. I am working with James Coppola and Robert Drenth because this project will have a fair bit to do in order for it to look realistic.

There is limited time now that we are coming up to the end of the trimester, so i made a gantt chart to help us keep on top of the workload. James and Rob will be modelling and animating and i will be texturing and making the lighting too realistic in AE. We will all take a part in composting it and rendering it out.

Here is my brief but helpful gantt chart. The project is running smoothly but it is only the beginning.

Gantt chart

(If you can’t see this, here is a link:Project plan)

We will conduct meetings with the film director each week so they can see our progress and they also have access to our facebook page, so they can see our discussion and hopefully provide feedback.


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