Duik Tutorials

I have been watching some duik tutorials in order to perfect it for future projects. These tutorials have  been very helpful and they make everything clear enough to follow along. Some things i don’t like about these tutorials is that they only use shape art. It would be interesting to see one using a painted character. I am using a painted character and i am running into a few errors which i might only be able to fix by designing my characters as vector shapes.

the first tutorial was really handy as it went through everything you needed to do to have a character set up and rigged. What i mean by this is they started off designing the character which helped when it came to organising your photoshop layers.

Getting started-tutorial

Another tutorial i watched implemented not just Duik, but other various tools in AE that would be useful to make an animation with as much movement. He also has a number or tutorials using Duik and how to do range of animations such as a walk cycle.

Tutorial- Various tools

I needed to find a tutorial that demonstrated how to make Hands realistic and how to change a heads position and expressions. I know for my final project i will be needing to master this rigging technique in order to perfect my animation. There were multiple tutorials on this, but i found this one the most useful.

Hand rigging-Tutorial

And here is the one for facial animation. This one looks fun, but very tedious as you have to draw a range of expressions ready to use. This tutorial is on Lynda and it talks through lip syncing and how you can set that up with the various mouths/expressions you have.

Time Remapping- Tutorial


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