My time being a lead

I was allocated to be a lead with Lachlan Murray for the Rapid Project. At first, i was not fond of this idea. I am not a leader type and i don’t enjoy being harsh even when needed. But, i stuck to it and made sure i was a lead the team deserved. It was very tricky and sometimes i wish i could just get on with my own work, instead of organizing everyone’s tasks. I will start this blog by saying, Lachlan and Erika were fantastic help towards this project and they always had their head in the game and were determined to get the outcome we wished for. We met up with our group on the first day and they were the most enthusiastic group i have met. Each wanting to work hard on this project and they all threw their ideas at me. I was pleased with the attitude they showed.

One of the first steps with being a lead was to ensure everyone was on the same page. This meant that everyone needed to understand the style of the film we were producing. I asked the team to go home and have the archer intro on repeat and write/ sketch down anything that came to mind and while they were doing that Lachlan and I constructed the Art Bible. The Art Bible helped immensely towards communicating the style of the film, although it wasn’t too difficult to understand as we were designing an intro based of a style that has already been done. I also went home and developed a scene test to show them how each scene should look.


This visual helped them brainstorm more creative ideas as they had a look at how it should move and feel. This ended up working well as i didn’t need to constantly address the style to any of them as they all knew exactly how it should look. For future reference, i will probably end up taking this approach again as i found it work well and gave a clear look on how the whole animation would turn out.

Although, being a rapid project, it did get very stressful towards the end, with team members having other assignments to work on and other priorities. We allocated some documents for our team to keep updated. These documents were a time schedule which was to be used to register the hours achieves per week and the other document had the role/task allocation and a sign off sheet for when it was completed.

Time Schedule

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.53.09 pm

Task Schedule

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.52.43 pm

In future projects, i would like to monitor these schedules a bit more frequently. This is because i feel like some students didn’t do the 10 hours per week and also didn’t complete the tasks that were allocated to them. I would fix this problem next time by keeping a clear eye on the schedule and by making the team members show me what they have done so i can decide whether they have finished it and put in 10 hours worth. I feel like for this project, i gave too much creative freedom to my group.

Towards the end i had to track down some tasks or make my team re-do their task, Not because it was bad but because i thought they could do better (which they proved). I started to make my team do their work in class so i could helicopter them to make sure it was getting done. This worked well and it is something i would introduce to other projects to ensure a speedy progression.

The hard thing about leading a group is making sure everyone knows what they are doing and are happy…. i didn’t do this well. A few students were very shy and wouldn’t speak to me in class. This made communications difficult as i couldn’t make it clear what i wanted them to do. I ended up taking some time in class to focus mainly on them and make sure they are aware on what needed to be done and how they could do it. I would quickly demonstrate how i wanted their task to look and in the end, this worked fantastic.  In upcoming projects, i would want to spend more time with the team members who are shy and tended more to those who were talkative. How i would do this is when we have allocated class time together i would sit next to the shy class mate and try to get them out of their shell as soon as possible and to make sure i am known to them as the one who they can ask for any help, not just on the project but on any assignments they have.

It was fun during this project to be able to share my knowledge to the studio 1 students. I spent a day in class teaching them a few tricks about After effects and later ended my tutorial on how to set up our scenes. Once we reached week 4 of the project, i gave my group the task on setting up the scenes. I think they did well, with only a few minor changes to what they made. I am glad i got to lead a wonderful group of dedicated peers and i am really looking forward to potentially working with them again.


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