Storage and saving files


When having a large or small group, it is always wise to store your files so everyone can access them on demand. For the car crash project, i have set up 3 ways for us to grab files and communicate. Firstly, i have set up a drive in order for us to store our files for back up and for easy access. In the drive we have 5 different folders for each component of the film.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.02.06 pm

This is great for me to keep track on what James and Rob are doing, and vice versa. I can also keep an eye on this folder to see if anything is uploaded for me to work on.

In terms of communication, we have set up both a slack channel and a facebook channel (Facebook being easier to contact as it has become a daily routine for some). Communication is slow now, but once the project is on it’s way it will be active.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.00.18 pm

in terms of naming the files. We decided to use a simple naming convention. We are using this

(Yourname)_ (Task)_ (Number of attempts)

and the files must be placed into the right folder.

Unfortunately, this approach didn’t go to well. It ended up being solo projects but 2 animators working on the project.This meant that we ignored Slack and communication and when uploading files, we didn’t stick to the naming conventions we asked for. Since we were both working on our own individual projects by the end, the google drive account ended up useless as we weren’t storing files for easy access.

The work was divided between James and Me by our skill set. James is incredible at modeling, Where i am capable of VFX’s, rigging and Animating. This left a lot of work for me, so we were going to have James work on the vfx’s stuff as well.

Due to the 2 week time frame we were given before the due date, we weren’t able to create the car crash scene we had initially planned. This meant that James work wasn’t able to feature in the final film. I would love to work with James again in the future, but when that happens we will need to make sure we have enough time to reach the full potential for a project.


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