Alley way reference

I wanted to make a believable realistic alley way for my digital painting environment. I have gathered some pictures of alley ways from film noir shots. In this blog i will be deconstructing the assets, the lighting and the colours while using various pictures to help support my deconstructions. Below are the pictures we will be discussing.

First we will discuss LIGHTING. The lighting in these pictures acts as a focus point. It helps the audience establish what is important in the scene and what isn’t as important. In film noir they use minimal lighting in a scene to exaggerate the suspense and mystery. When you look at these pictures, you feel something is about to happen. In Film Noir, they also use a technique known as Bounce lighting. This is used to soften up areas and to give the scene a better atmosphere and natural look to it. In the 3rd picture above, you can clearly identify this technique by looking at the surroundings. The most obvious use of this technique is on the darker wall opposite the lights, as it has a tinge of brightness making the object more noticeable.

Film Noir shots tend to be wise with the ASSETS they use. In these pictures the assets that are spread around the scene are used to emphasis the experience of the shot. Using various items such as trash cans, rubbish, graffiti, makes the scene look like a scummy place.

And finally, COLOUR is used to it’s advantage. They tend to use dull, dismal colours like brown, navy, dark red, dark yellow to again set a mysterious vibe. It also makes the audience feel unnerving.

These three key features will help me perfect my noir look i am going for. It will hopefully enhance the painting and help the audience understand the story i am hoping to tell. A blog will be on it’s way to show my progress on the environment.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.04.58 am

Above is my Enviroment. I think without the research on film noir settings it wouldn’t be as believable. You can clearly see i have used Light and Bounce light to enhance this scene, making the light brighten up the important assets. The dull colours used in this scene make it looks unsettling and mysterious. I have used Assets to bring the environment to life, For example, the cat silhouette and the mushrooms have really brought a deeper mood to the scene. Below you will see a picture without the cat and mushrooms.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.10.59 pm

Without applying what i have learnt, i feel like i would have been stuck making a believable scene. Although it isn’t realistic due to my cartoon like drawing it still feels believable. I didn’t really take consideration on bounce light, but without knowing that, the scene wouldn’t strike as much.


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