Cross dis! (can it be over now)

This trimester i worked with a wonderful film student. The project was nothing but fun to work on, although it has been a long ride. We had to make a car crash and make it look as realistic as possible. I worked on the post crash scene, giving the scene some smoke and sparks to make it look more believable. However, James was unlucky and had to model the cars. this has taken him some time due to them having to be really realistic. Once they are done, my second task is to rig them, animate them, texture them and add the finishing vfx touch.

With the car scene, i used action essential materials as it was very short notice and i didn’t have too much time to make a bunch of assets for the director (hopefully i can still meet this LO). Here is my first test render

Test render

The scene was too bright and the smoke needed to be feathered and masked a little more.

Here is that shot

Final render

Although i didn’t make assets, i still made a few test renders to see how the shot looks.


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