Digital brushes

Recently i have looked at a few tutorials that will benefit me on future illustration projects. These tutorials focus on the importances of brushes and how different brushes will help create a different mood and a more aesthetic look.

Not too long ago, i bought this pastel brush pack. I haven’t had the chance to use it on anything worth while, but i have painted little things with it.

Shaun’s Pastel brushes

His environments and characters really have an appealing look to them. I am striving to work towards a new pathway choice, that being an illustrator for children’s books. These brushes would be useful as they have a fun, creative style that brings out the characters.

Another unique set of brushes i have found and am ready to use are by Kyle T Webster. These brushes use water colour techniques. I have always been terrible at water colouring as the paint leaks everywhere, but it has been a style i have admired for a long time. This brush pack will help me create some illustrations i will hopefully be passionate about.

Kyle’s water colouring video
Brush website- $9 set

Water colours are used a lot in children’s books, so it would be beneficial to start to learn how to make stunning illustrations without the leaking of paint all over the page.

I can’t wait to be able to show everyone some of the characters and environments i work on over the holiday. It is unfortunate that i have left this til the last day, otherwise i would have been able to show how i have demonstrated these brushes


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