Helpful Painting tutorials

I have been researching some helpful tutorials for me to expand my skillset. Since i am still a beginner and have a very basic skill set towards digital painting, i found a few tutorials that go through the basics.
Blending object


I have noticed in my concepts and environment, i am struggling with blending objects. This is something i NEED to work at. i found this helpful, quick tutorial that goes through the basics on blending  edges on objects.

Understanding colour

Choosing the right colours


I don’t think i have a bad understanding with colour, but it is always good to refresh your memory. I actually found out a thing or two i didn’t actually remember or know while watching this tutorial. I never took to account that colour can be the biggest giveaway that the picture is fake.
Another tutorial that focuses on colour that i found useful was how to choose colours. It is very important to know what colours work with one another. I always neglect the colour wheel and then realise i have to go back to it as my colours don’t match nicely.

Last tutorial i found to be helpful is this one.

Making your composition better

This video goes through everything! from colour to painting techniques. He also goes through various ways to plan out a picture. Although this is a fast painting he still goes through alot of details and important techniques to make your digital painting a beaut.

I plan on testing out various styles and attempts throughout the holiday so hopefully these videos turn out to be useful for me.


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