Modular Workflows

When working on a project, modular workflows are going to benefit not only your workload… but the whole project. I will be showing how i have implemented modular workflows to help me with my CIU project but,What is a modular workflow?

well, a modular workflow is a beneficial way to better your work by being able to recycle or reuse textures, assets etc. This helps since you can recycle work it saves alot of time to rapidly progress in your project.

Modular Workflow tutorials

I found this tutorial above. It helps explain how to set up your photo shop file to a modular file and also gives a brief summary on what a Modular workflow is. The guy running the tutorial worked on a bunch of games such as Batman origins and helps breakdown a few environments and show how he used modular workflows to his advantage.

The importance of the modular texture workflow is not only to rapidly speed up the progress but also to keep the memory low. Using a bunch of textures can eat up the memory and slow down the software at ease. This can all be avoided as you can layer textures on top of each other. Once they are in the software of choice, you can set the layers to an RGB setting allowing them to go on individual channels. This make it easier when you want to swap textures all of a sudden and to easily reuse them.

When you are working on a game or film, you trick the audience to believe you have made everything from scratch, but the truth is you have made 1 asset and just repeated it in believable, realistic areas.

How i am using the modular workflow?

I am working on a motion comic in CIU and we have alot of 3D assets and not enough time to make unique textures for each one of them. I will be creating a texture pack for us to recycle onto various 3D assets when we are ready to do so. Some of the textures will include Wood, Glass, Grass and Carpet.

Here are my textures i have created in PS below. They will be really useful when texturing the assets for the motion comic as they will be needed in various scenes.

CarpetWood textureglassGrass texture

These textures above will be really helpful when it comes to assigning textures to models for my CIU330 project. I will be needing a simple, basic texture that will make the scene stand out but also be easier for us to assemble. Especially since we have wasted a lot of time planning the story. Some examples of where they will be beneficial are in the environment rooms. This will save us from texturing each room as we can use the same texture but change the levels to make them look different.



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