Changing the industry

When people think of Animation, the first company to come to mind is Disney. Starting in the 20’s and now over 53 Feature films, Disney has become a house hold name and has built a fan base. Let’s take a look back to their first film Snow white and the seven dwarfs. Made back in the early 30’s it still has a massive impact to the Animation culture today. This Blog will focus and discuss the impact this feature film has had on the Animation Industry.

Now, Bare in mind, technology wasn’t as great as what we have today. So making an animation feature took talent. It reached world wide status due to it being the first feature film (83 minutes) animated film. It was funded due to the popularity of Disney after making previous short films. Snow white and the seven dwarfs was also the first to have an official soundtrack that was later released as a motion picture soundtrack. Last but not least, the credit sequence at the start was the longest in cinematic history. This movie made everything bigger, better and newer. With the time it took it has been calculated to have had 1,500,000 pen and ink drawings and water coloured. But with all this hard work… how did they make it?

Here is a quick video that goes through the stages of the process
Process video

The movie snow white kick started a new method for Walt Disney’s animators to get formation and perception correct. This method was rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is a technique that animators use where they trace frame by frame of live footage and use it as reference.  Snow white used live action footage to help the animators get everything looking right.


This technique pushed forward into other Disney Productions.


I wanted to test out this progress as it seemed fun and interesting to do. I filmed myself dancing in South Bank. Once i had the footage onto my computer, i then took it and imported it into Photoshop so i could being to use it as reference and paint over the frames. This was really practical when it came to getting every little detail into my project.

Here is the final outcome for you to peruse.

sketch title


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